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Nottingham Assistant Yog Teacher Training 2019



TRIP TO LITTLE CUMBRAE (PEACE ISLAND) Little Cumbrae Island is beautifully situated in the Firth of Clyde off the Ayrshire Coast, an ideal setting for retreats.

Whether it is experiencing the rejuvenating and healing powers of Yog Pranayam and Ayurved, exploring the magnificent history of the island, or enjoying the many walking trails and experiencing the many gifts of nature this beautiful Island has to offer. swami ramdev in Scotland

Our yoga weekends will leave you glowing and will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga and deepen your asana and meditation practice.

At Litlte Cumbrae , we offer you the chance to indulge in several daily heart-warming, self-confirming yoga classes at a level to suit you. Our weekends include daily meditation, pranayama and asana practice and hillwalking, all complementing a programme of introductory Healthy Living.

You will also enjoy time for self-reflection, delicious healthy food, and space to rest, recuperate and re-connect with yourself .

Dates for Little Cumbrae Island 2019


For further Information – PYPT (UK) Office – tel 0141 427 7510 (mon-Fri 9am - 5pm) or email Mr Sohal - 07803 149781 ,

Make your payment via a bank and send the scanned copy of payment slip. Barclays Bank Details:- Account Name: PYP (UK) Trust Sort Code: 20-78-98 Account Number: 90710423


You bear the cost from your place to LARGS/Fairlie. WE WILL PICK YOU UP. Largs Yacht Haven, Irvine Rd, Largs, Ayrshire KA30 8EZ. And take to Cumbrae Island and bring back on last day. Little Cumbrae island has very basic accommodation (like ashram), so people should not have high expectations. Bathroom is shared - so people may have to wait. Travel Options

1) Drive to Largs

Swami Ramdev

2) Train to Glasgow and train to Largs/Fairllie

3) Coach to Glasgow (from Victoria) and train to Largs/Fairlie

4) Flight to Glasgow and taxi/train to Largs

5) Flight to Prestwick Airport and train/bus/taxi to Largs

6) Arrange a minibus/coach and travel in a group

Choose your own dates If any group would like to book ANY WEEDAYS AND WEEKEND (SUBJECT TO AVAILABLITY) then please contact us

. Registration forms and other details in pdf. attachments below Cumbrae Island Registration Cumbrae Island Itinary Cumbrae Island Residential Visit

Bank Holiday Trips 2019

Cumbrae Island Registration

Cumbrae Island Itinary

Cumbrae Island Residential Visit


little Cumbrea

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New file pdf. on Diabetes free for your perusal - Click HERE

New file pdf. on Chakra Activation/Cleansing free for your perusal - Click HERE


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The Pranyog system is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but merely to complement it. Pranyog yoga teachers do not, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs, or make any health claims or promises

Yoga Fee's

*We try to keep all classes free of charge. However, this is not always possible so there is usually a small fee to cover venue hire, administration etc. and this varies from each Nottingham yoga class depending upon the circumstances. Pranyog is also an affiliation of Yoga Health Institute UK.

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